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Modern life can be stressful, and that stress can be reflected in the face. In this article, I suggest how that it can be soothed away without recourse to chemicals or surgery.

In an age when Botox, high-frequency facials, and having fat from your derrière injected into your face are commonplace it’s good to know that there are completely holistic approaches to keeping your face (and those of your clients) vibrant.

One of these is Facial Energy Release which I teach in my Bath practice. It doesn’t promise eternal youth but does revitalise and offer a range of holistic benefits including reduced tension; improved circulation; freedom from grinding teeth, tension headaches and scowling; improved energy and deep relaxation.

Fracial Energy Release or Rejuvanessence in acation

Origins of the treatment

This facial therapy follows on from the work of Stanley Rosenburg, an American acting teacher, cranial and body worker.

It was developed further and brought to England, under the name Rejuvanessence®, by nurse and psychotherapist Margareta Loughran, with whom I worked for many years. Following on from their work and adding some modifications of my own, I have developed Facial Energy Release (FER).

How does it work

FER works on meridian lines and reflex points, restoring the natural flow of energy, balancing and revitalising body, mind and spirit. It also helps to release the set expressions that many of us show on our faces such as anger, disgust, or shock. These are often emotions from experiences way back in our past for which we are still carrying the evidence.

For many of us there’s a moment when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror and are shocked to find our disapproving mothers looking back at us!

The technique

The technique works on the fascia and connective tissue (which surrounds all structures ie muscle and bones). It releases the tissue from these structures, thus enabling the circulation and lymph to work more effectively.

Carried out using fingertips only, this face therapy is a very light, hypnotically slow, series of movements that are applied the face, neck and scalp. The connective tissue and muscles are, very gently, encouraged to release, plump up and to become more elastic, diminishing lines and wrinkles.

FER is suitable for all age groups (even 18-year-olds are not immune from tension and blockages!). As well as looking better my clients often say that they have a real sense of wellbeing and feel invigorated, rejuvenated and ready to face any challenge.

Potential benefits

I have found that this therapy can:

  • be profoundly relaxing and healing to body, mind and spirit
  • release stressful experiences, instilling confidence and empowerment
  • release blocked energy by working on reflex points and meridians, easing headaches, jaw and shoulder pain, sinus problems and insomnia
  • improve skin tone; restore face’s natural elasticity
  • reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm the jaw line
  • create a more youthful, radiant and relaxed appearance
  • detoxify the face and lymph
  • slow the ageing process

The treatment includes…

The full treatment comprises six sessions, each working on a separate area of the face, ideally taken once weekly. However, individual sessions are also very effective. Working on the 91 muscles of the face, neck and scalp FER coaxes the connective tissue to release gently and lovingly with the lightest of touch, softly encouraging the individual muscles to release and, consequently, to plump up, lifting back into their rightful place.

In practice, for therapists…

As a busy aromatherapy and reflexology practitioner – treatments that can often be strenuous and tiring for the therapist – I have found Facial Energy Release the perfect lighter therapy to go alongside my main therapies. Perhaps you have individuals in your current client base who would welcome this kind of facial therapy treatment? If so, you could find that offering this therapy is a useful way to broaden your practice and attract new clients.

Come for a treatment or train in this technique

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