Using Reflexology to support you with Endometriosis

It is vital to support any drug and surgical treatments with a more holistic approach.

Regular reflexology combined with lifestyle and dietary changes are very successful in combating the disease.

Endometriosis needs to be tackled both on a physical and emotional level.

Why does reflexology help?

Because it works on many different levels addressing the root causes behind the problems, not just tackling the symptoms.

Endometriosis is an auto-immune disease (when the body attacks itself) and as with many other auto-immune diseases, it is quite difficult for conventional medicine to deal with.

Immune system problems tend to be quite complex, often caused by a build-up of stress in the body due to physical and emotional factors and environmental factors such as plastic overuse in water and home and in cosmetics. Oestrogen dominance occurs (identified by Dr John Lee and his work with Virginia Hopkins) and thus illness and fatigue.

Our body is full of nerves and without it we would not survive, since it is the main communicator with the brain. We wouldn’t feel, see, hear, touch or feel pain or pleasure. Our body would not be able to respond to any of our commands. It regulates our “essential processes” such as breathing, heartbeat, digestion etc.

But why am I talking about nerves and reflexology?

Reflexology is a wonderful way of allowing the nervous system to return to balance, allowing functions in the body to return to normal. Once the body is balanced and relaxed it can repair and renew itself.

There are approximately 7,000 nerve endings in your feet and reflexology uses specific nerve reflexes (pressure points) to stimulate these nerves and create positive change in your body. It is fantastic for calming the mind, relaxing, balancing hormones and allowing stress to fade away.

Regular reflexology appointments and lifestyle changes

As part of the reflexology treatment, we discuss in detail your current health and lifestyle habits to provide you with information and tools to improve your own self-awareness of your body’s needs to help accelerate the healing process.

If other changes are made alongside regular reflexology treatments, this will maximise a woman’s chances of eliminating the disease.

New research

New research says the body’s immune response is believed to come from the colon. Therefore, our digestive health and diet is vital in maintaining a healthy immune system, imperative for dealing with an auto-immune disease like endometriosis.

Removing all cosmetics that are paraben and mineral oil loaded is vital too, including body lotions and shampoos. Switch to natural brands such as Neal’s Yard, Jason, Green People. It may be useful to look at “Natural Progesterone” cream the website I use is

I hope this helps you.

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