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Facial Energy Release Practitioner Training

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To become a fully qualified FER (Facial Energy Release) practitioner you need to complete the Foundation course and the Practitioner Training. Together, this is 8 training days plus 4 case studies to be completed at home, each consisting of 5 full sessions. 

Foundation course


2 days —(16 AOR CPD points)




  • The Foundation course teaches the core technique of the Facial Energy Release, connective tissue work.
  • This will teach  you session one ( FER consists of  five individual sessions and sequences; all different, on different areas of the face, skull, neck and shoulders) and the consultation , diet profile and what to do in the first session.
  • If you want to become a fully trained practitioner you need to complete the 6 days training (below) as well as this foundation course.
  • The course is an IFPA and AOR approved CPD course; with 112 CPD points so ideal for Reflexology or Massage practitioners who wish to expand their therapy portfolio.
  • The Foundation course could be accomplished and then the remainder of the course continued at a later stage (i.e. they do not need to be completed in the same year).

Practitioner Training


8 days (including the “Foundation course”) (112 CPD points for AOR)


£825 (can be paid in installments)

Course content

  • Eight day course – set over approximately three – four months– four separate modules.
  • The time in between is to practice and assimilate the information and protocols received before learning the next sequence.
  • Complete four case studies consisting of five full sessions to present at the final weekend..
  • Read required books
  • Present the case studies and learn a “top up” session

Objectives of the course

The therapist/ practitioner :

  • To learn five individual sessions and sequences; all different, on different areas of the face, skull, neck and shoulders
  • Learn knowledge of diet and be able to make suggestions to the client about their diet and ways to enhance their skin and release tension and improve their wellbeing
  • Assess and palpate tension in the face, skull and neck and learn techniques to release this tension
  • Learn about Bells Palsy and how Facial Energy Release can help
  • Mouth work (using finger cots) to release points inside the mouth
  • To complete reading the required course books
  • Over view of meridians
  • To be able to assess the patient’s diet and give suggestions on how they might improve their wellbeing and skin through natural supplements, lifestyle changes and products with a natural holistic approach
  • Keeping client notes

Case studies

  • Four case studies on your four chosen patients
  • Five full sessions of 75-90 minutes
  • Consisting of: diet profile, before and after photo, an essay on each client discussing your findings, such as: how they reacted , their diet and your suggestions, their emotional state, sleep patterns and how they felt after the sessions. Discuss the patterns of tension they have and how it helped
  • Write about their lifestyle changes they could do to improve their well-being and skin

Entry requirements

A full qualification in Anatomy and Physiology is required either prior or during the course.

Assessment to acquire certificate to practice “Facial Energy Release”- face therapy

  • Demonstrate good people skills.
  • The practitioner must demonstrate that they are capable of professional behaviour and will follow the “Code of Conduct”.
  • The practitioner must complete and present,to a satisfactory level, all the four case studies with five sessions each, (to be sent to reach me one week prior to the final weekend).
  • They need to demonstrate good ability to practice the technique.
  • Demonstrate good knowledge of nutrition (having read the required course books) and be able to make assessment of the client and their diet profile.
  • Demonstrate ability to work on the connective tissue in order to obtain a release of tension. Understand “energy work”.
  • Assessments are made after each module.

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