Facial Energy Release Practitioner Training

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Practitioner Training


4 days —(64  CPD points)




  • The Foundation course teaches the core technique of the Facial Energy Release’s connective tissue and muscle work
  • This will teach four separate individual sessions and sequences; all different, on different areas of the face, skull, neck and the consultation, diet profile
  • The course was an IFPA-approved CPD course; with 64 CPD points so ideal for Reflexology, massage or health practitioners who wish to expand their therapy portfolio. I have not registered it this year to keep costs down.
  • Four-day course – set over approximately two months– two separate modules. Practice in between modules is essential. The time in between is to practice and assimilate the information and protocols received before learning the next sequence
  • Complete four case studies consisting of four full sessions to present and send to me for assessment
  • Read required books
  • Present the case studies

Objectives of the course

The therapist/ practitioner :

  • To learn four individual sessions and sequences; all different, on different areas of the face, skull, neck
  • Learn knowledge of diet and be able to make suggestions to the client about their diet and ways to enhance their skin and release tension and improve their wellbeing
  • Assess and palpate tension in the face, skull and neck and learn techniques to release this tension
  • To complete reading the required course books
  • Overview of meridians
  • To be able to assess the patient’s diet and give suggestions on how they might improve their wellbeing and skin through natural supplements, lifestyle changes and products with a natural holistic approach
  • Keeping client notes

Case studies

  • Four case studies on your four chosen patients
  • Four full sessions of 75-90 minutes
  • Consisting of: diet profile, before and after photo, a short essay on each client discussing your findings, such as: how they reacted, their diet and your suggestions, their emotional state, sleep patterns and how they felt after the sessions. Discuss the patterns of tension they have and how it helped
  • Write about their lifestyle changes they could do to improve their well-being and skin

Entry requirements

A full qualification in Anatomy and Physiology is required either prior to or during the course. This is for insurance purposes to treat professionally.

Assessment to acquire a certificate to practice “Facial Energy Release”- face therapy

  • Demonstrate good people skills.
  • The practitioner must demonstrate that they are capable of professional behaviour and will follow the “Code of Conduct”.
  • The practitioner must complete and present, to a satisfactory level, all the four case studies with four sessions in each
  • They need to demonstrate a good ability to practice the technique
  • Demonstrate good knowledge of nutrition (having read the required course books) and be able to make assessment of the client and their diet profile.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work on the connective tissue in order to obtain a release of tension. Understand “energy work”.
  • Assessments are made after each module.

Advanced weekend

Session 5 on shoulders and neck and a top-up session

Mouthwork to release facial tension

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