Testimonials from students

What students say about Facial Energy Release Practitioner Training


“I thoroughly enjoyed Caroline’s Facial Energy Release course which is both professional and friendly. I qualified 6 months ago and already have a growing bank of regular clients. I presently give about 3 FER treatments a week. It’s a fabulous therapy to receive and give!”
– Ann Bolus. MAR. Wells

“I’ve been on loads of courses and this course is well organised and with an excellent tutor! I like the way it is structured into weekends with enough time in between to practise.   There is a lot of support, not only from the course notes and reading material but also from Caroline.  She goes through all the movements methodically and explains everything in detail to ensure we all understand how and why we do them.  Even though this course is long compared to others, you totally understand why because it is very thorough with so much emphasis placed on practical sessions.  It was a 200 mile journey for me, but I so enjoyed this course, I couldn’t wait to go back for the next weekend.  In addition, my case studies LOVED this facial and have booked in for more.”
– Doreen Chin Ling Corbey . Beautician,massage therapist and holistic facials in Surrey.

“I thought the course was generally excellent and I got a lot out of it, both on a personal and professional level. I am really glad I did it, will definitely recommend it and am looking forward to working with Rejuvanessence Facial Energy Release.”
– Nikki, Holistic beautician and therapist in Brighton

“I am delighted to now be a qualified FER practitioner and thank you for such an interesting & informative training course.
I am now looking forward to sharing the benefits of FER with others”.
– Sarah Dawson, Reflexologist AOR


“I have had such positive feedback it really has given me a lot more confidence and has made me feel much more relaxed in what I am doing…….. finally!

The most interesting thing to come out of it from my experience has not so much been the beauty aspect however. Certainly people’s skin looks fresher, more relaxed, with a better colour and with perhaps a very slight lifting effect. However, much more significantly, is the physical and emotional effect it has on them.

The feel good factor of the treatment, the deep relaxation, physical release effects felt in the body. One client described certain quite strong physical effects after one of the treatments and finds the treatments themselves make her feel euphoric. My friend who works a Feldenkrais Practitioner (body worker) and is very tuned into physical changes said he found it quite profound and releasing.”
– Sam Comfort, Aromatherapist


“I have loved the course, it’s been the perfect treatment for me, it has so many benefits on different levels. Many thanks”
 – Deborah E, Reiki, reflexology and holistic therapies in Bristol 


“I really enjoyed the course, learning Rejuvanessence has been a joy to give and to receive, it’s amazing to see the results of the technique, and how it works so well on the vitality of the skin. In addition there is a lot of healing involved – so much more than skin deep!

I thought the course was well organised and the assistants very helpful and thank you Caroline for inspiring me!”
– Sue G, Aromatherapist in Surrey


– Zara Kirk, healer and nutritionist


“Just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful course, it has really enriched my life and I cannot wait to get started! ”
– Amy, London


“Thank you for a wonderful weeks’ course, I found it very worthwhile.”
– Vivien P, Aromatherapist in Cornwall


“Thank you for such an enjoyable week, as a novice (me) you really did take the stress out of learning. Keen to get practicing.”
– Deana, Essex

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