Maternity and Fertility Reflexology in Bath

Pregnancy is the natural condition of childbearing.  It brings great changes not only in the body but also in the emotions and psyche of the mother.

I mostly follow the Suzanne Enzer technique with whom I am registered, utilising reflexology, massage and maternity aromatherapy- all-natural therapies to support a natural event (pregnancy & birthing).

Reflexology continues to establish its reputation and popularity by the effective results people experience.  Empiric knowledge and research studies have demonstrated that those receiving regular reflexology during pregnancy have better pregnancies and have shorter birthing with less intervention. More information about gentle birthing can be found on Dr.Gowrie Motha’s website.

I aim to optimise the health potential of the pregnant woman.  I will give you reflexology advice along with, if needed, lifestyle and naturopathic advice. If you are facing any serious challenges I will ensure that you are placed in the care of your appropriate clinical practitioners and not give medical advice.

Priming for labour

When the baby is fully engaged, post full term, and you have been given a date that you are not allowed to go past, then a technique called priming can be used. Priming for labour is designed to stimulate strongly specific reflex zones with the intention of creating a boost of energy to encourage labour contractions.

It is preferable to have had regular sessions prior to this so that the mother is balanced well.  read client review


Please also see this link about Reproflexology

Reflexology can be used to help balance hormones and prepare for pregnancy. It can be used to support conventional fertility treatments and to help strengthen your resilience to the potential stress this often brings. Optimal outcomes are gained usually over time with weekly treatments (I sell discounted courses). It can be very effective to use before IVF or other medical interventions as a preparation and to help combat the stress that often accompanies this tender time.

I wanted to let you know that I am pregnant!!!!!!! And no IVf needed, it was all natural. I conceived my second child naturally (after having to have IVF with the first). We are so so excited and happy, and have you to thank for this. I am 16 weeks along, so conceived in January, and I really believe that reflexology has helped. So a big Huge THANK YOU to you.


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Visit me for maternity and fertility Reflexology in Bath, at Neal’s Yard and Harvest moon Practice > ,you’ll be in good hands!

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