Organic Aromatherapy Massage in Bath

Aromatherapy is aromatic massage treatment using the finest essential oils extracted from flowers, plants and woods.

Essences enhance well being, health and relaxation or even stimulate, depending on what is required, they penetrate the blood stream by application to the skin.

Organic essential oils have an affinity with mind and spirit (affecting the olfactory system of the brain) and can relieve a wide range of conditions such as stress, aches, poor circulation, sluggish lymph, depression and boost the immune system for viral infections. Essential oils add another dimension to massage.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used in healing since ancient times. They are found in different parts of the plant: petal (rose), leaves (eucalyptus), and roots of grass (vetiver), heartwood (sandalwood), and resin (frankincense). Often referred to as the ‘life force’ of plants, these oils have within them the unique complex properties of that plant in a concentrated form that can help the body holistically to heal itself. Through aromatherapy and using the essential oils we can improve both our emotional and physical health. The skin absorbs essential oils; therefore, massage is a very effective way of introducing them into the body. All essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral or anti-fungal. Research has shown that aroma affects our emotional senses. This is because the olfactory nerves pass directly from the nose to the limbic system – the emotional centre of the brain. It is always important to enjoy the smell of the essential oil that we are using, as this will give us emotional balance.

Following a consultation a bespoke blend is made for the client and applied during the massage. Organic oils are used where possible.

Bespoke blends can be made for use at home on request.

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