Testimonials from clients

(I make no claims these are letters written to me)

Facial Energy Release is a treatment I would recommend to anyone. It offers so much more than healthy a glow and uplifted contours to my face. It is a truly holistic healing therapy, deeply relaxing and destressing, allowing my whole body to rebalance. Going to Caroline for FER is like having a master class in therapeutic touch. I leave feeling relaxed, uplifted and ready to deal with anything that comes my way!” Joanna H. (Naturopath)

Thank you for my fabulous treatment this afternoon, I positively flew home and have been nicely mellow ever since David C

“Well the sweep and reflexology certainly had the desired effect!!
By the time I got home I was having contractions every 4 mins, I then rather foolishly waited a while to see if the contractions continued, which meant I arrived at the ruh only just in time and very narrowly avoided giving birth in the corridor! So she arrived 3 hours after I left you – good work, thank you!!” – SK, Bath

“I came across Caroline Josling and Harvest Moon when seeking a reflexologist to help me to conceive my second child, after three years of trying. Having used reflexology when trying to conceive my first child I was familiar with the practice and knew how important it is to find a practitioner who is compatible with me.

I wanted a reflexologist who took a holistic approach to balancing emotions and the psychological elements of fertility, without being too ‘alternative’ in style. In Caroline, I found the perfect balance and instantly felt relaxed and safe in her hands. I knew she has extensive experience with helping with fertility via her therapies and this was clear in her confident and calming approach to what had become a draining and all consuming process for me. Her therapy room in Lansdown offered a relaxing, light and welcoming space to really enjoy my treatments, and Caroline went beyond the simple treatment to recommend dietary and aromatherapy options to assist me further.

I began seeing Caroline once a month to balance my hormones and target the right time of the month to aid ovulation. Within a couple of treatments I felt more balanced and saw a noticeable difference in my monthly cycle. I had been suffering from cramps, mood swings and heavy bleeding but after a couple of treatments these were all but gone.

A few months later I fell pregnant and in December 2015 gave birth to a beautiful and healthy little girl weighing 8lb 7oz. I am sure that Caroline’s treatments played a significant part in my ability to conceive and had the added benefit of lowering my stress and balancing me in my everyday life as well.

I would highly recommend Caroline Josling as a reflexologist and look forward to visiting her again soon.” Vicki, Bath

I wanted to let you know that I am pregnant!!!!!!! And no IVf needed, it was all natural. I conceived my second child naturally (after having to have IVF with the first). We are so so excited and happy, and have you to thank for this. I am 16 weeks along, so conceived in January, and I really believe that reflexology has helped. So a big Huge THANK YOU to you.anonymous

“I visited Caroline for reflexology to help with a large ovarian cysts – I had two treatments- felt fantastic. Her massage really helps my back too- I have a herniated disc problem- she has very healing hands- a special gift! ” – Nina Zilic, Bath

Fabulous all-round reflexology treatment in a beautiful relaxed environment.
From pregnancy, to naturally inducing labour then a restorative balancing post-natal session along with tips for easing baby’s digestion through baby reflexology.
Thanks Caroline –
Katy, Bath

“Caroline Josling has treated my face using the Facial Energy Release method on a monthly basis for seven and a half years; I am now 63  years old.
My first session was at a treatment room in Pimlico after I had contacted Caroline through a review in the Evening Standard magazine.

All my treatments have been amazing; one session stands out because I had a marvellous singing lesson afterwards and was complimented by my singing teacher!

I think that the Rejuvanessence (now Facial Energy Release) method is a wonderful treatment. It’s lotion free (which I prefer) and relies entirely on Caroline’s experienced fingertip pressure and control! Over the years, I have also had reflexology sessions with Caroline which have been excellent and she has given me invaluable advice with regard to vitamins and nutrients.

She is the ultimate professional; and I am sure that I am not alone in feeling bereft now that she has moved to Bath.” – Anne Cawkwell, London

“Caroline is a highly valued Therapist and extremely good with clients. She always gives her treatments with care, depth and knowledge, resulting in a loyal client following.” – Jean Harvey, Life Centre Manager in Notting Hill

“Her gentleness, warmth and understanding all add. It has always been important (for 16 years)for me to find time to visit Caroline, as afterwards I feel signs of stress had been lifted from my face and I always feel relaxed-time well used! I will certainly be visiting her now she has moved from London, to get back my youthful look.” – Janette Steele OBE, Principal Chelsea and Westminster Hospital School

“Caroline’s “Face therapy technique” does wonders to my general sense of well being and to my face! It seems to work from inside out as it sends me into a deep relaxation very similar to Yoga Nidra state and I “wake up” recharged with a smooth face. She works by subtly influencing my own energy to do the healing work internally and it shows skin deep with relaxed face muscles and less visible lines.

Her reflexology is again unlike any other, and I had a lot through 3 pregnancies, births and subsequent recoveries. When she works on the feet points I can feel internal massage and release needed in a particular part of the body or organs corresponding to the points touched. Afterwards I feel worked on all over although only my feet were used.

I strongly believe that it is the way Caroline uses her energy as well as her genuine desire to help and make you feel better/healthier that makes her stand out from other practitioners working in similar fields. This is the reason why I have not gone to anybody else despite her move to a different part of the country and patiently wait for her monthly visits to London.” – Liliana Glyn, Yoga teacher in London

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